Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy December 2013

secretly saving yourself and the world :)
hidden secrets ...(oh mighty Isis, I am always poised in the deeply satisfying light of  eternal knowing)

hidden vice
hidden love affair
hidden fear
focusing on the details
fear of being alone
when you already are in there, in your head...alone you ahh...

Moon Mercury Saturn in Scorpio..continued..
what are you afraid of?
what is going to happen anyhow?
what do you want?
nothing but this one thing?
that is what a petulant child would say
there must be one reason why you grieve and hate the world..
these things will be more intense for Aquarius, and LEO ooooooohhhooo...grrrrr
Scorpio knows he is smarter than everyone else.. they usually are, that is the thing..they know it and are correct, most of the is the delivery we need to take care with. All of us!
This affliction of being right all the time  may be also strong in Taurus and Leo..ooooooohhhh grrrrr
and then they want to cuddle..go figure!

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