Saturday, December 14, 2013

hello there walnut pie

so a girl came in on crutches, her foot swollen or something and while she was gazing at the flower essences and thank goodness in  the great heavens we have them, I  asked her if she should need anything I would be happy to help her.
"what do you know about bach flowers?"
I know a little..:)
I said that after years of studying bach flowers, I know which ones have helped me along the way..
well then, she told me of her her plight in life, and went on and on about not letting the past go and her dad, I mean the guy with her, was like nodding his head the whole time I considered each essence she had laid out before her and how certain flower essences can help you heal better than herbs or drugs..if you intend something,  your mind automatically creates neurons to make it happen...after a long time of her, telling excuses for her mental pain and anguish, I gave her walnut and talked about protection from lower types in your mind..the ones you cling to for no fakin reason!
I was nice, :) I would think that some of us have lived  with a jerkavich or two in our lives, yes? She is like, "it is hard, you can't let things like the kind of abuse I had, go"
I wouldn't pry in to her life, I asked her age, 42, she looks 26..
I told her that you can..
not completely, your heart will tug like a sword went through a little bit and then you are back to "self" you! The one who handles everything with grace and poise.
Yes, I said, the one or two thoughts that you harness, train and master..
I thought to myself that what could it have been, she seems so healthy and fit, her eyes pretty bright..a little bit hard I guess....she had on yoga pants, she chose walnut essence..
walnut is for protection
from lower vibes
like bitterness
more pride
mirroring samelower behaviors

clean icy aura
powerful intentions
knowing your skills
pulling hard to stay alive
to survive
to carry knowledge knives
like swords of truth
like swords of plentitude

ha haha
(incidentally, in tarot swords are air and poignant understanding))

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