Monday, December 9, 2013

in production for 2014

as always

making charcoal soap with rose one of these days if my rose de mai gets here because the post man lied and said he could not deliver my package on Friday..
do you know  that was so taken by this!
really, we were all here..
see, I can take the bus from the jungle with all of my kids on a bus during a cocaine raid, but one late package and my adrenals go haywire!
ha ha ha ha
In the bus bathroom there was a storage unit that one of the bus porters had stowed cocaine from Panama..
They waited until we were in El Salvador to detain us all for hours because of the interrogations and then the military came and we all had to stand in line..they kept saying, "no te preocupes, senora"
I wasn't too worried having lived with them for five years, I knew the culture pretty well by then.

so now I must go the the post office and try to get my package! Dude, the plan is to not do a bunch of errands and stay here and make things..

I am really content knowing that the mundane can still excite me a little and the fact that Mars is on my sun, my venus and my Midheaven..which means mars will be there too eventually in 2014!

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