Tuesday, April 1, 2014

the walking dead and spoilers for the season finale

Holy jugular!!
Ok, you know, I am a momma and I work so as my children grow older we all settle in to an orderly life and watch something on our devices..I like Amazon, so I watch things like game of thrones or breaking bad..that was good..
The best one ever by far, friking, intense, beatiful, The Walking Dead!!
Dude,  Andrew Lincoln is some man! Just an awesome actor! Of course he is Virgo! The sexiest dudes ever!
The guy is my hero. I mean he is ruthless in his quest. Emotionally, his has the ability to surprise and delight at the same time. he freaked me out a little.Then there is delicate side of him too, that is why I love Michonne so much. the woman rocks! This is a perfect woman to have at your side when you need protection from zombies!
The Hero,  The Samurai, Michonne and the Archer..Daryl..Daryl, you scruffy haired god, you!
"you're my brother", Rick says to him, he says..I cried.
Looking for some martial arts and zombie killing?
The Walking Dead is perfect.
This whole last season everything moved slowly, Rick got a chance to heal and he would kill anyone who tries to kill his boy. He did, he has, I get that. He would try. There was a second there, in the finale,  I thought the boy wouldn't make it..these are ruthless cannibals here with a brain they have now encountered!
I feel like the show will develop even more brilliantly, next season. They will get out of the cage because (hopefully)Beth is there eating human meat with one of them..and likely pregnant. Also Tyrese and Carol are still about with the baby..they might let her live to raise the baby and she will sneak out and let our friends out.
My forcast, is, they will settle there and make it good..but it means killing the canibals, or, they all sneak out..no, there will be a battle. How far it will go, I do not know. It seems like a good place to live, I would change the name, plate of food, may ass!

I love this show!
What are we going to do until October, read books? Make an awesome garden? Make soap?

Andrew Lincoln- Virgo God
Norman Reedus- Capricorn, lovely
Danai Gurira- Aquarius, queen
Chandler Riggs- Cancer with a Gemini I am sure. He plays the boy. His character is a malcontented teen during vicious times, and about to be raped, what would any parent do but, rip the guy's jugular like a vicious beast..and the boy, once again to learn that safety means loyalty to the family, the inner sanctum. It is a slippery sloap, one must constantly diligent to his code and one must weary of evil all around  in various colors and disguises.


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