Saturday, March 7, 2015

The citrus special went really well and now for the next one

I just made some nice complexion soap. I am calling this, "She Wolf"! It is nice and warm and doing its thing!
She Wolf Complexion Bar
It contains propolis from Brazil and camellia oil, my favorite carrier oil right now.
I have decided that I will make that a special with a  complementing balm for both men and women.
A balm..mmmmm

She Wolf Complexion Special

It should be soft and memorable and bite you a little like any she wolf would if you got in her way.
This is what comes to mind as I conjure this special balm.  She Wolf like my girl in Cali!
She presents a strong character with a polished dry down..
Sophistication and charm? Of course and smooth, beautiful skin.

Modern Sensibility Balm

The balm is one which can be used before or after a cleansing. During! I like to apply to my hair and do some chores and then shampoo. A pearl sized dab will do as an after hand wash! All true!

local beeswax
camellia oil
og sunflower seed oil
more propolis

Contains vetiver, both Indian and Haitian..kind of smokey and then not. I love a good Haitian vetiver with a little patchouli. It is wonderful.
This balm contains frankincense, vanilla and labdanum is because I love you and want the final linger to make you wonder about things that are really good about us here.
I made the balm during the full moon phase. The soap is just now doing its thing..I hope it turns out as good as the balm did!

We will talk:)

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