Saturday, March 21, 2015

super moon eclipse

noted in the health business were,
ear aches and pressure in the head
muscle tension and headache
migraine head aches
feet hurting
teeth aching
but right now with the teeth you will do something about it and shed your fear about that shot and all the stuff that they do to you while there.
Two days later you've realized that you have a sore cut on the inside of your mouth which you accidentally bit because you could not feel you face for a couple of hours.
It will be worth it.

Can you imagine how early man endured tooth pain from aging.

Speaking of aging, may I address aging old men who are mean and mad at Obama?
Like they can even do anything about the world and yet they rant and rave about it because they are avid Republicans, Obama is pure evil and all that nonsense! Obama is a player in a big game people, and he is not the one we should look at when we are 85 and wealthy in a home in west bloomfield,   with your over addicted to health wife and four children who live near by but never come to see you because you are mad all the time at something or some one..
Sound like anyone you know? Are they old?
I have customers like that. I will get to know the wife and then one day I get the husband with her and she introduces me and I look at the ogre and I see a little old man. Yes, there are shadows of what he once was. Strapping, energy and smarts galore in mathematics..Now, at 85ish,  facing the end. It will happen. Obama can do nothing about it! It will not matter weather Michelle is wearing silk or the Duchess of Windsor gives birth and that it is an outdated greedy system to own so much gold..but apparently we are a greedy sort of life creature able to count to far that we cannot finish counting.
She did come to surprise me and tell of what she ate. She does not know what to eat, poor thing, Having starved as a child in Germany where they had to eat leather..really, that is hungry!
I think it did something to her. They must have had to really ration stuff because she cannot eat anything she likes. Now she lives in her mind where candida rules her thoughts. If I had to live with such rigidness, I would be a little mad all the time too.
Eat some toast for gosh sake..don't be scared of gluten. Be scared that they will weigh your children before school because even our babies seem to be too fat.
Maybe read some books on the best foods for your health and make your kids cook real recipes so that they can measure and observe they way real food is cooked.
I am militant about the microwave. You do not need that thing..

You can take a little magnesium   for the head and a little more water and the pressure from this eclipse will soon fade, and  the results of all your actions will shape who and what you are. Your mind will choose what  you can dwell on and learn about and act on..


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