Friday, March 20, 2015

new moon and why pisces

Because that is who is in control here? Pisces?
It is all the stuff before.We are looking at the ending degrees too and the transition to new Aries glory.
When I talk  about astrology and myths and all that..I am talking in a symbolic sense and not degrees of what is where.
I will leave that to the experts on all the charts which can never remain the same because we are constantly moving. To assign rigid meaning to us is really not enough. Is Pluto a planet or is he not? Is he the ruler of the underground? Is Pisces a fish swimming both ways in deep water?
Are Aries types always moving with their heads forward just slightly?

So, yes I remain in awe of Pisces and the  degrees are close. I feel them close. maybe I am wrong.
I observe my fellows and see who is in charge and who has utterly lost..
Ok, so, it is not a war, Aries forget where your talents lie because of all of the delays, yea?
You broke up or broke a car or two during the last few years. It has been rough. You have high standards and high energy..
Now, you can begin a new phase of calm and skill being stellar for your self.

Happy Spring Equinox

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