Thursday, March 12, 2015

It stays

I want the balance and all of it wrapped in joy
I surrender to beauty in so many ways
Each day I ponder on what is best for us all
And also compel myself to love me.

I turn here and I turn there
Sometimes I feel as if I'm nowhere
And everywhere?
Why do I crave the powers of all flowers
How do they allow my mind to feel so much?
My eyes keen
My mind an open door 
Each thought dripping and becoming real..up on my decision.

I can really tell a difference when I wear rose and sandalwood.. Both attractors of loving kind creatures in our, each other ,drawn like magnets in space. I made one with a patchouli drizzle instead of a dollop. I will send you a sample when you buy that you can enjoy the differences.
You, so rugged and hard faced
With deepest thoughts and abilities to make it real
Me with feeling absorbing transforming energy being spread out like stardust and pulled towards your magnetism.
And all this regenerative churning having become a new living attractor pulling more and more to us and with magnetic energy from us, also protecting through 
Unified understanding!!

This is how stars are born.

Today's soap was a superb example of how magical oils are and as I layered the oak moss over the labdanum enriched soap base, all I could do is allow the pure pleasure to take me. I used all of the labdanum as I am convinced it is the key to a superb chypre blend.

I'll show you how it turned out tomorrow:))

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