Monday, March 16, 2015

time to plant some seeds

I think the snow has melted completely here. It will have by the end of today for sure!

Time to get ready for spring, plant some seeds and make soap. A mandarin lime soap is nice about now.
It is still cold, but it feels like the tropics after the frigid temps of last month..and yes, we could get more snow. It will not last or count for anything..just like the safety pin woman from my last post.
Fleeting moments. interludes and whatnot.
The thief in the night..the porn star in his dreams who thinks his sexual thoughts all day make him a man. All the while he is sneaking behind a wife or girlfriends back have internet sex with strangers. He is de sensitized to real love and therefore  cannot express it in a real raw way..always he is searching for the experience which will titillate him..I say him..her, him..what is the difference?
I love the old whore but I am not a porn person..I am like a thicker Greek Miss my dreams!

The darkness of any moment is only energy concentrated and sucked in so deep you feel like there is no escape..relax and go to the other side. Sometimes you do not have a choice. You must go with the flow or  you can fight and rip your soul apart in the process. (Hamlet? Okay not really)

 Be noble my dear and no harm will come.
Having to rip anything apart from one's self is nothing less than traumatic, all true! But instead, you could have lingered too long in the filth and deceit and shill have to face this real thing about yourself and why you attract such an emergency filled life. Who needs it! It is because if you stop and face the mirror, you see that you have so much to work on yourself. I hope so, I know that I  do.

Improve anything you want in spring. Plant some seeds with your vibe, your intentions and reverence for the sunshine and water which makes life emerge from a small granule. Our DNA is so super close to mushrooms! Did you know that?
So, we are the earth, a living breathing place! Kind of like those moss balls you see on etsy but on a much larger scale:)
Do we have a soul? I do not know what that means, really. Our mind lives on? Is that what it means?
I do not think we get to sit with Jesus that is for sure. I do not think there is everlasting hell for stealing a mans cow or far a karmic debt..yes the pull and push of life gets you no matter how rich or poor or sweet or sour faced or fat or trim and fit for the telly.

You get to think for yourself. You make friends that are like you and you cry when you loose a dear friend.
You admit and say I love you and I am sorry and you do a goodness to some one..yes, even safety pin girl should have  a glorious day in the sun. Every living thing deserves that, even the one that stole your man. It has to be fair across the board..hate brings hate and love brings love..control brings hate and sneaking around.

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