Sunday, March 15, 2015

why women are mean to women

Because they are mad at someone else who hates them as much as as they hate themselves, each other right now that they strike out  at the first person they see..
In one such case, at the end of the day, it was me.

me.."la la la I am going home soon, I am gonna eat food and and watch telly and celebrate by eating pie whilst watching explanations of "pi" it was pi day:)  Pi! How weird is Pi?

Her, the cunt ass bitch who had to say my name two times because I wasn't sweet enough that one time...because we do not have safety pins at my store and no "hello" there miss",or even and was,"if you had safety pins where would they be?
It took me for a second, "I am sorry miss, we do not sell safety pins."
 I get the dirtiest ugly look..really, it took me aback, I must say. For that quick millisecond she turned in to a zombie and it wasn't just the DHA I had taken earlier. ( I was like, wtf?)
"we do not sell them miss, I think walgreens"
I looked her square in the eye. Thirty Nine-ish, skin hair and lines on her mouth from frowning.
She said I was rude and she was only asking me a  question..oye!
"anastahsha or anastaysia"
I looked at her as she walked away in a huff.
I was a little bit shocked at the leaves me with thought for a is like I am all shaken!
It hurts one's  feelings when confronted by a dirty whore in life.

I put my head down a little so I could look in my minds heart.  It was certainly, to say the least, intimidating to think a person like that could get you fired for telling them the truth. Can you imagine when really bad things happen to her and by really bad, I mean like loosing her house, her man cheating,  It happens all the time. Humans  being a drunk or whatever vice they choose to escape their   dismal and otherwise boring reality, art and soapmaking if you want a peaceful my case, being stuck in the jungle around really bad people who's ways were not natural for me...hey, life can be a drag if you act like a with one all the time. A bully is a bully! You remove yourself from all the bad and always rise to the better.
Logically, the safety pins would be more walgreens not whole foods, but, hey, the customer knows best.
I cannot always be a fairy queen, sometimes I am a witch taking a step back as to preserve a peaceful resolve where I serve something much bigger than myself..
my hurt ego must suffer this one trim..

Who do you serve? What do you serve?
For myself deeply inside, it is me, for sure  and  people who have been with me for years and years and have forgiven me for being a "cunt" some days..In soapmaking I have served many all over the world..glorious beings like myself who love essential oil arts and beautiful music and higher thinking and rose..
"does the word bother you?
"yes, a little"
It is a mean word, yea?
Luis CK made it feel more normal to say it..let us take it in that sense and not some vulgarity..that lady's vagina.. was likely so dry from all dieting or running 10 miles a day. I do not know..she looked like a runner.
Safety pins..I wonder if it is a little  ironic that she needs them so bad because her life is in a state of imbalance? Does she speak to everyone else like that? Wow, she must be fun to sit with!
I wonder if this symbolizes in her,  a deeper yearning  for safety?
I will say that one thing I must always remember is, I cannot be a sweet fairy to everyone and must keep my guard even to the last second of the day. After all, Uranus is about to make an angle to Pluto and all I know is is intense and we should all remain calm and keep our guard.
In this way, this encounter symbolizes the rise in temperature and friction..I will take it as a tool and not a terribly bad event.

One out of a thousand, and I get cut so bad that I take note to always always be kind. Sometimes, for some it is not enough. Disappointments and some what of a starvation life where they are take too much coffee and it makes them mean. I could have been one of many during her day of anger.
If she would have asked for peppermint, I would have given her a sample, she wanted the safety pins!

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  1. People can be so thoughtless and Rude sometimes 😬 Thanks for the heads up about Neptune and Pluto ... Yes we must always keep our guard. Have a beautiful day Anastasia