Thursday, March 12, 2015

MIss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

a little wee story sinc....There was a conversation between the detective and his constable who was thoughtful and sad because  his girlfriend would not marry him because she didn't want to quit her job with Miss Fisher..
During the 1920's, it was unheard of for a lady to work and be married. You were in service or you were in  royalty! (royalty means you serve them)
The answer was the best part when Jack (the main detective in the show) said so many words and according to my  memory.
"This is a new way in which a man must face the challenges of pursuing a modern woman"
I tried to find the proper quote for this but I can't. You will have to just watch it.
I thought it was a wonderful line because even today 100 years later women are able to make so many more choices. We work and run the gig..yes some are bitches, some just have a way to lead with grace...
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Check it out on Netflix, it is wonderful and stylin'.
Oh and if you are a type who is all aghast at a woman having sex with amazing looking men and being "ok" with it, you had better get a grip, and open your mind a little. It is just a story and if you think she is a whore and a are hiding behind some veil of purity that isn't real. Every one is a whore. We are mammals!

She has so much money that she doesn't have to live by the rules, does she? It, for sure, pushes our buttons a little. Again, in modern day and in the 1920's..people who have had means, have lost themselves in drugs and a bad life style just having sex with anyone any day or night..
Not our Phryne, she spends her time doing what she loves and being generous to her loved ones,  she is selective like James Bond..Plus Essie Davis looks so great. We could all take a lesson at elegance and self control mixed with some climbing..she climbs a lot and jumps from buildings..and clearly a great  dancer:)
On a side note,
no,  it isn't all zombies for me. Besides, what is up with Rick going after a married woman? She must be a slut, that Jessie and will likely die, Rick is too busy for love affairs, isn't he? I get it, he's been on the road and reprieve would be really great right about now.
 And for him, it is best not to  form a sexual bond with any of his traveling companions, not even Michone because it changes everything. So that is why the intense thing with Jessie (the slut) must not become a soap opera and leave us bored to tears..Carol is crazy and not for Rick..what was he supposed to do?
I want Rick to focus and be smart, I feel like he will not disappoint. He is an animal, he knows the zombies. So do you. Stay away from them and take a nice dreamy bath like miss fisher..
check out her skin care on the blog..Beautiful like us.

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