Thursday, March 12, 2015

hello it's me

In soap making there are many exciting developments and in life as well. I know it!
I just made the most divine old whore ever, I think. You see, I had to make kukui neroli cream for Nancy so it could be fresh for her and then I had a whole bunch left and no good jar to put it in.
Here we go miss, you have a great new very decadent whore with heavy on the rose and labdanum.

shea butter
organic coconut oil
olive oil, rich with unfiltered particulates
oakmoss galore
and roses from Bulgaria
(oil of roses, in sandalwood and cassis and bergamot)
vetiver sri lanka
a shot of jasmine
and drizzled with a cassis rose sandalwood perfume I made earlier
I hate to just leave them alone, I keep going   in to say, "Hello":)
I did say, "them":)

Next and with the same formula in fats, I made a patchouli tonka vanilla blend with tobacco and violet swirl, also containing labdanum, oakmoss and vetiver as the base notes and then I added a splash lime.
I can't hardly wait to try that one..Something about tonka is sick and tasty at the same time..
Sick because of the condensed  aroma within its structure.
I can't wait to cut it and have another little special..
Nancy wants sandalwood and rose and also a vetiver vanilla in a cream..I need more jars!
Next week we will make some of that goodness.
You have a good afternoon!
We will talk!

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