Friday, March 20, 2015

solar eternal

As we are the resulting  fragment of an earlier explosion of our mother sister star, a perfectly burning little place in space, our glorious star full of life giving materials that had to form billions of years ago so that we can be here to observe ourselves,  so this eclipse illustrates how we can cherish and repair daily and use our collective wisdom to do what we want to do..and for sure to
cherish the ones we love
always uniting our thoughts for their best results for all
not just you so that you can shine above others even though you really do shine above most:)
take a moment to offer something to yourself and thank your lucky stars that you are who you are..
(I think they write songs about that)

child of mine,
"what are you making?"
"I am making a  Spring Bread to offer for the Solar Eclipse."
"who are you offering it to?"
"us, I am offering it to ourselves?"
She does not like anything strange so  am almost sure she will not even taste a mastic gum bread with raisins and oranges.

I should have added more butter otherwise it is a nice sort of sweet bread with mastixa from xios!

Also, one could add way more eggs. I  had to use 6 and still, to me it could be more custard like in flavor.
If this wonderful bread is just a small part of the coming months, I say bring it and make something good with amazing ingredients. This is the sort of bread that ages beautifully because the mastic gum really does something to it. I am going to have some now with coffee and pack some orders.
Next I will make a 1970's style whole wheat bread with honey.

I hope that you cherish yourself today:)

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