Thursday, March 19, 2015

super awesome solar eclipse

New frikin Moon in Pisces..what could be better than that? It is the highest form module you can go to in astrology. It means being strong and setting great boudries for yourself in order to gain footing. Does it mean pain and loneliness because people and all that stuff?
You know what else it means? It means make a new moon offering to yourself and make it spread like wildflowers do on hill tops.

It hurts to let go and then you realize that you must carry on and do your best. Hold your head high and take a shower if you've been too lazy to do even that. I say that because Leos can get a little scruffy with the dirty hair. Boys especially. They have really been growing up and it hurts them. They love to be cubs forever where everyone adores themselves. Such confidence and then reality...:) put through a ringer of life. Leos I mean.
 I get to understand astrology as I get older and realize also that we are who we are based on all of our experiences. I am here to say, that if you feel any shame, you had better stop it!
Shame makes one compose fear.
You must always do well and then not have to explain yourself. Everything you do is because you choose. isn't that real freedom anyhow?

You know as I have been watching period programs, I see how far we have come as women and men in our civilization. I also see clearly now what being metaphysical mean..beyond, It means beyond like Pi..freeking pi, what do you mean it doesn't end, ever? Clearly there is a horizon of it's ending? "no, so far the math goes in the trillions..with pi..I do not is big to me!
Also,  I was reading about how we now know the basic formula for life on earth and the math leads to multiple dimensions.
Huh..well isn't that more like us making the telepathic connection to a greater beginning or eternal life in space  and time. Do we live forever or just this one time?
In a way that cells disperse though time, it seems that we carry on with the cells  made by our ancestors. Somehow the memory manages to duplicate in each cell. Nucleic acid doing the life thing right now in us..
cells are living things with memory it seems to me, that I have always known this.

I want to say good morning. I am right now cleaning a melting vessel where I had attempted to melt mastic gum and it has been 6 months and I cannot get that stuff off of it. I put some grape seed oil in there and plan to steep it out if I can.
melt mastic gum is only for food from now on.
This material was eaten by the Greeks on festive occasions.They mostly include it in the Easter sweet bread they make this time of year. It is like a sweet orange and mastic filled buttery egg bread with golden raisins.

I am so excited about that.
Have you ever made a beautiful egg bread?

Offering to the new moon..the dark moon, an eclipse in the last degrees of a is about making things from the ground, the soft moist earth, the oceans deep treasures, Where nutrients are formed,  fertile, growing, sexy, rare attraction..
always having
deep pockets of gold forming
thoughts creating reality
wonderful achievement

"my feet carry me easily and swiftly as I glide though my day harnessing the powers of water and magnetic  ability to  freely express new  ideas."

Eternal Love Bread

4 cups organic unbleached flour and 1/2 teaspoon good salt ground fine
(you will need more flour later)

1 tablespoon dry yeast mixed with 2 warm cups of water and 2 tablespoon organic sugar
let this rest 10 minutes
meanwhile, beat 3 eggs really good and in them beat in 2 more spoons sugar
14 cup melted sweet butter, not too hot though.
1//8 teaspoon organic blood orange oil
vanilla, about a spoon full, if you have a good one
1/4 spoonful ground mastic super fine and hand ground only
(some things are magic and a machine will not do)
beat this well and put all the ingredients together. It should be a thick but wet batter. You can add cream or water to loosen it, but not too much. Add the raisins now too. a handful, not too many.
Once it is nice and smooth, you should leave it be to allow the fermentation to take place. keep it all warm.
20 minutes later..
take your big bubbly friend to the working space where you will begin by adding spoon fulls of flour and mixing until you have a nice firm and stretchy dough.
Let that rise for up to 45 minutes and bring it out to make nice  braids and spirals. Allow them rise again while you heat your oven to 350
bake till golden brown.
This is a delicious tea bread that you will love. and I hope this powerful new Moon in Pisces brings you the best things you've been dreaming of. Something good, I hope!

You are smart and a a fine person to me and also thank you for using my soap. :)

New Moon of Eternal Love is what we should call this!

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