Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The new moon residue and my walking dead review "Try" spoilers

I would too. I have tried and still been beat up by men..I was a fighter in a dojo where we practiced..
I have been hit by a man in my day! The fuks! I hit back then a whole lot. But when your man is drunk and beating you, that is a new level of a living breathing zombie.
I thought Rick would really think this out and talk to his crew.
He did try to tell Deanna about what is real now. He told her how it is.
Her mind was poisoned by that Gabriel.
Now why didn't Maggie just go and tell Rick what she heard the day before?
Seriously, communication here would been  very helpful.

New moon stuff..
Do not be an emotional vampire to others because you are still a  little stressed in your brain about your rash decisions Aries girl..and Gem, aging sucks for you because you are the prettiest in that area of attention..when you see flaws you see flaws and fix them.
again teeth and bones are what is trending in astrological sort of ways.
Like Saturn making any sort of connection is always about the dark angry and reality..dark energy is a driving force in space and we are part of that..yes?
We each have one. He is the sri yukteswar or Yogananda or darma and shreem..sometimes stern
some times open that it is rich and clean and good.
It is an energy..but as we learn about energy we know it travels.
It is our brain, yo! Telepathy is real. We can prove it.
You know all last week, who ever I thought of called me or wrote or bought something?
It was kind of magical for me.
I was a bit stressed about life and one then one day, again as always, I remembered who I am and how to do life easily.
Being transparent is the best part of living in my opinion.
dark secrets are for the birds.
Unless you are Rick. He tried to tell Deanna what is up with that guy. Pete! Fucking arrogant surgeon beating his beautiful skinned wife who m he is jealous of because she has attractions to new men with out shirts.

So much to say here. I am glad we can get away from the soap opera of Rick and Pete to follow Daryl in the woods with Aron..also my gut tells me Sasha is gonna come through in a big way here because she is out in the field. I feel like finally the story will break a little bit and we get to see what is up with the new group of human killers or one? They leave body parts everywhere! ewe! Sick, right? Morgan? Is he Good? I wonder how he gets around the place all alone?

Here is what I want to happen.
There will be a major threat to Alexandria because it has been brewing for a while. Rick is locked up for now, but Michonne is gonna step up and release him or when they need real fighters and real survivors to protect this safe zone. She had to knock him out because it is a way for her loyalty to him. They will talk and she will be his voice of reason. I hope..dude! Pete will die and maybe Jessie too. We will see.  I think Rick is awesome! Glen is awesome! That Nickolas is a weasel!
I kind of thought being there would be boring because this team is better in the field. There is no reason  that this safe zone  would fail unless...that hoard they saw way back when lands right on them and breaks the walls down!
did I just say that?
yea..it will be a possible thing..for now, the real threat  is the zombies with "w" on their head..
some say Morgan. I say, no.
He will be a good guy..no, there is another one..a group of them.
This is the time we get to see who and what kind of humans will be the ones standing.
It is Rick and our guys. Deanna sucks as a leader. Her family is slowly getting smaller and she is left crying on the couch while Sasha is out there killing zombies, while Pete beats his wife, while Daryl watches as a horse gets eaten.

One more episode and it will leave us wondering more of  all sorts of things..
Carl? The tree thing was not a good idea. Trapped and trapped!

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