Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Remember Walking Dead spoilers

I wanted so much to write about Rick yesterday but I was afraid you hadn't seen it yet.
Spoilers dahling.

All I know is that Rick, is a bad ass and all this time has been growing in to the man he wants to be, tough, honorable and will kill you if you hurt his family.
On the outside, you learn about how low humans can go during a hunger.
Will do anything
Even eat dogs 
And some would so too eat people 
( people were so shocked about Terminus)

Vegans would go first.
Unless they were smart. By making a safe compound in a hill in a cold area.
I'd go and meet my friends in Montana.
Virginia is mountainous enough for now.

Those people may be weak.
They are stealthy enough to follow the group, learn their names and listen to their conversations and still they leave their compound weapon free where someone gets to hold all the guns locked up!
That shows how weak these people are.. Still clinging to the old government somehow. Already there is s political leader who leads by talking.
No, everyone is required to have one!
That is required and should be taught.
And then some little rooster is tying zombies up!!
And that guy is in charge now!!
And Carol,  with the heavy gun all of a sudden, I laughed!
"Daryl, honey, how about now you take a shower and then a nice hot bath.
Next run we to to the local health store and get us some oils."

Rick,shaving..I cried.
He wants to relax and remember what he wanted before all this.
And why be sad over Lori, she sucked!!
What was it, two weeks before she got with Shane?
I understand that he was close to the family...

So,this woman with Rick as a love interest..in the real world after a long truck through war, they would have done it right after the hair cut! Just saying. Shirt off means business!
And Rick is s fine man indeed. Tough and delicate at the same time!!

"Daryl, you want I should help skin that rabbit with you?"
I'm excited and hate the police suit!

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