Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday Special

Our special this week will be a two little nugget of soap and a bath oil to go with either of the soaps I am going to give you..

So cute it is too!

You get a lovely 2.5 ounce bar of my new violet springtime soap..with beautiful violet leaf and labdanum oakmoss base.
(I named this initially two timin goat)
it is because it is the year of the sheep and all that jazz)
Audatiously Keen Queen
Floral Chypre Old Whore With Rose patchouli drizzle...
step one
combine organic cold press coconut oil and your very finest olive oil 
This time I used a small farm pomace oil from thick with olives and their skin and leaves, that is it almost purple. I am so happy as I combine the fats with the I had my labdanum and oakmoss in a hot water bath to keep them syrupy. I first poured the labdanum and mixed that thoroughly. It was then, that I inhaled a huge cloud of its glorious sharp sweet scent. I mixed this well and add the oak moss the same way.When I added the oakmoss I allowed myself to understand the difference as it mixed with labdanum. Light all the way. Sharp, green, grass..moist ideas and settling in. Moss is so abundant because it settles in..low and slow..moss is the earth and the love of real juicy life things.  Now the vetiver..a beautiful smokey, Sri Lanka vetiver. Vetiver is thank you, mon ami..thank you for money and things and thank you for strong back bone to finds that, always overflowing goodness comes.
Finally the main ingredient..old whore perfume accord, inevitable three rose perfume accord.
I cut this special one when she was still slightly tepid. The particles of oakmoss you see now are simply hadn't even formed yet. An invisible accretion of energy and magnetic particle weaving through time and space to create a rare and beautiful thing. That is why the old whore. The audacity to even say it may push the buttons of your kin and who ever wants to mold you, it pushes their brain to think new things. You linger on their mind a little longer. They smell your musky pepper spice with somewhat of an uncontrollable thirst. The feel connected somehow. That is why the vetiver. You must not overreact says she.

The bath oil will be small and strong. I think if you like vetiver with lime, you'll be super happy.

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