Wednesday, March 25, 2015

new soap ideas in brain mode

I got a sample of magnolia absolute and it is heaven on wheels man!
So I will mix this in an oil with sandalwood and a drop oakmoss. It will be small, small, small but I will make it up to you with a nice bar of soap to go with it.
Doesn't that sound nice.
Also I just bought a resinous pine absolute that is glorious, cleansing and super confident in itself!
I love it!
I might just see what we will do with that. I want a whole lot but it was expensive.
The particles like picnogenol and rosin are but a small window to what pine is composed of. Plus they grow together and can withstand cold winters and super hot short summers. Plus, pine is number one to make smokey tar beside birch, a long time favorite.
I wonder how it would mix with a little birch oil?

When I think of pine, I think, spa, skin treatment or total break from life in a hot hot bath.
I rarely take baths anymore.
Like that woman in the tub which is in a forest, a blond woman from the north countries, there...")

Planting is going well. I trimmed grape vines and cleared the old growth of clover and turned over the soil and then planted calendula there. I would say, they are my very favorite flower, beside the rose.
I feel like this year will be awesome in gardening. I can add more herbs of course.
Right now it is raining and that is good.
Next week, I will start tomatoes and some other vegetables..not too many. Like no corn this year. Just the food we can eat often, such as  all sorts of greens and tomatoes, oh yum!

I would put a magnolia tree here but it is too far north for them to thrive. So, instead, I will put elder in the far side of the place. I kind of want the whole yard to be a garden and the front to be more trees. Like birch or aspen. There is a whole lot of work to be done out there, I  can't wait!

What else?
The Walking Dead
( I have to say, it is well done and keeps me edgy)
Oh man, wait till the new guy shows up and scares us!!

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