Tuesday, March 17, 2015

dark moon seed

it is so good
you get to wake up with vigor
yes I did say, vigor..ha ha

mornings are always best for me because there is no one here to tell me of the next thing in their life. I get to be alone and ponder my day. It will be all Zen, man! I still need to plant some sweet snap peas but I think they should be in pots first. You would be surprised at how many pots it takes to manage one packet of seeds. 25! :)
I saved a bunch from last year. It is time and I can feel it. I went out there yesterday and cleaned up the grape vines and uncovered the fig tree. It is still with me..What if I have figs this year?? That will be very cool to make a new fig soap. This time I would really change the formula. Not as much tang. I will consider some ideas I see that other perfumes use. They always say, "fig", which means lie and synthetic.
Leather my ass!
When you smell the intense fruit of fig, it is nothing like anything anyone has made. Famous or no.
How? You have to taste it and smell it when you snap it of its long slim stem. You have to allow the milky sticky juice at the tip to get on your fingers as you pull it apart to reveal its incredible inside.
I know many have tried. I have tried and in my opinion, failed a little. For me, good thing it is soap and a one timer.
Should fig soap have to smell like figs exactly?
Again, I ask myself, "how"?

The milky stuff that drips from the cut is mostly sugar and water but it is so sticky and contains other components.
I think the deep ambery scent is not animal. You could add labdanum and sandalwood and then the citrus accord on top of that. But then, I think that it needs more floral in that regard..and still it is not fig to me.
 I can practice until the next opposition of this day (it'll be a sun in virgo then) maybe I should review my notes then and see what I have loved and lost.
The winter rose blend is growing on me. It is so powerful... to go that deep with angelica in there.

I am making these treats today.
more creams with shea and camellia oil and they will only be a few because of the cost of sandalwood and how you actually want to smell it in a cream and that means using all of it.

Patchouli Cream

sandalwood vanilla cream

sandalwood rose cream

vetiver rose cream

Black Currant Rose Bindi


A little french song with a baby and a little bit telly with some bbc anything.The Paradise, lovely!
Even sweet little soap operas are most charming and well put together with period costumes. It is called The Paradise and it is on Netflix..Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is the best and we should all look like her!
I love Miss Fisher..what a woman this Essie Davis.

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