Thursday, March 26, 2015

90 minutes finale "Conquer" ideas and musing spoilers too

Rick is going to stand up and be the man he is. Look, I think there are dangers everywhere and everyone looses it. Still, Rick lost it. He failed in shame like Jesus..I mean it is sad he lost it over a woman but real in that way. Let me tell you, men, they will have sex with many..:) women less so..
sorry it is true in our make up. He will rise again friends! Rick!

Pete will die, Jessie, oye..please, why?

Why bring a married woman to taint his deeds is the question?
Carol, whatever man. She knows the ropes, I get it, but I feel like she is vicious to the point of cold hearted!
It is like there are too many people and shit hits the fan in crowds  during an outbreak.
Why invite more people over to live with you unless you are already scared of being along with them, the zombies, I mean?
They were invited to live there and protect the place because there had been problems all along at this "safe zone" You can tell by the way all the people who were scouts acted.

So, if you do not watch the walking dead, I am sorry but you are missing an excellent story about human behavior during stress and war.
"This is the ultimate law for yourself and you all need a gun in this new dangerous world!
"You should have one, hidden during an apocalypse.
Wow! I am still freaked out about this episode and it is Thursday!
We want our heroes to remain poised at all times. We know that some of them had to just change their mind like Daryl, but Rick had been through some sort of injury where no one had eaten him yet in some hospital in Georgia,  and finds his wife shaking up with his best friend..blah blah, he forgave her and then she died.she sucked, right? I mean her man was dead, she thought and here is a protector. Shane, who everyone wants to compare Ricks behavior to.

If you look back as to when Rick was when he bit that fuckers neck right off because his criminal troupe were going to kill him and rape his son..Rick totally changed then and now he is that man.
His senses are keen and he knows danger is always lurking..always..because there is no safe zone for too long..crowds are no good..only a few will survive again.
I am excited..
things I have noted

* kid, get out of the tree and please no teen sex..

I love this story.

So, who is going to come knocking on the gates?

Also I think Sasha will be really handy in that tower. She is also on keen alert mode..look, there are killers at every turn and now you are telling me this wife beating surgeon gets to continue beating her for the sake of humanity?
Rick says, " no". And, he is a Virgo, my favorite!
His sense of protecting this woman due to his strong attraction has already distracted him too much. But he is right, I feel like he is right. and then he carried on and went past the control zone we should all have.
Now they are are all likely to discover what he has been railing about is true and oh, so serious.
Now, should Michonne have punched him like that?
I say yes, although in real life, she would not have had time to. Rick was pretty worked up, he would have shot Pete in a heart beat! TV and all that..

Do you think Pete should be banished from Alexandria? The priest? It looks like he is leaving..I keep thinking he will get involved with a new group..he is so wily, the priest is.

Where is Judith?
How will this play out and will we get experience any sort of conclusion this season without having to wait and wait for months for the confrontations?
I hope so, because, Sasha is right!
There are people eating creature and the humans ones are meaner than they are and you are worried if I will like you dish of food? She sounds ungrateful, huh? She is simply stating taht any dish would do when one is hungry..she ate dog meat..any dish!
I know but, she is pissed.
Tyrese, was bored with life, Bob, was..who cares..not a saint, for sure!
Andrea had fine fuzzy facial hair and was arrogant and she bedded the governor, the evilest man in the world. I mean, yes, there are some things you cannot go back from. Evil is as evil does. she died.
Unless, you are Rick...
Drunk Pete should have been easier to take down than that! Wow!
One more,
Do you think Michonne and Rick will form a tighter friendship or will he be mad when he wakes up?

Have a good day!

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