Sunday, March 29, 2015

spring dream

It is still cold is about to break big time though...Maybe today, I will plant wild flowers if it gets above 40*

how did everything happen yesterday? Crazy days, yes? Money suddenly, gone for accidents, insurance and other ways to pay Cesar for what is his..his road, his electric factory..

""I always have enough where ever I live.""

I want to explore why this sudden fire aspect of the day which brought forth a clash in spirits like dust gently or not so, collides with other dust in space and we're even smaller than that. right? :)

ok,  so, I have to say all this energy and scary stuff has brought me to the edge of how much I am able to control.. Also, with this sort of aspect there may be more. More magnetic forces such  as Mars and Jupiter and Uranus which can bring a joker in to the picture. Jokers will scheme against you. Sound like someone you know?
If so, blame Mythology for making up a story a bout a guy that lives on a gaseous,  wonky planet..otherwise, it is telepathy and magnetism which is making our planet wobble..wobble wobble..
If I seem more somber, it is because my brain is still growing and it hurts.
Why do you think I love Miss Fisher so much? I am watching it again:). It is so good. I love it and I love her! More please and soon..
Yes, Miss Fisher and zombies..what could be better?

So, I got the magnolia and I  mixed what little there was with sandalwood ( a freeking amazing one from, sunrose..dude,!!) and delicious spring time oak moss.
A drop, one,  patchouli and one drop fine lavender. Green and heady at the same time with an intriguing attracting of the magnolia flower scent.
Do not even ask me to tell of magnolia  scent. I can not..sweet, yes..almost fruity but no, not fruity.

I do think I will make a balmy elixir with a loose jelly one with rose hip oil and marula..
I thought about buying little tiny vials again, maybe later this year..for now the heavenly spring balms await!
I hope you have a good day.

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