Wednesday, March 4, 2015

let's be real shall we

I like that better than sneaking around. Humans are so weird.

So after a two day busy holiday, I am back to work for the next five days.
I am excited about my projects right now and hopefully it will be an easy transition from being home, where clean is so nice to coming home to not tidy as I like..It can never be. I stopped complaining..mostly:)
I just clean up and wipe down again.

I want to tell you about all my raging new  ideas. I have been meditating so much that I fear a wildly exciting explosion of my prolific way with essential oils.
**that the energy that guides us towards one another to form an all loving, evolving,  artistic,  learned group of women and men, focus on all that is rare and good. So that when our  bodies are  in decay and nothing but food for worms, we  should be a fragrant memory in the minds of new creatures of earth..

What am I saying?
These idea have been my meditations when I wrap vials of oils and make them nice for my customers. I want to think hard on what is good and fair..It is the Libra way!
What is not fair? Look..that is them.
I love walking dead for that. The girl ( she took the gun)is maybe associated with a darker more aggressive group that is why I fear that sexual attraction will entice carl and ..well this note today is not about zombies and wars..or is it?

It is the way of humans who want to guard and control all the gold and silver. It is about who is in charge of we they want you to think and be..
Never be what some one wants you to be unless it is to climb the mountain of love and success.:)

I want to be around all of you:)
Thank you for being my soap friends.
Do you see how we all want the sames things?
I do.
Why else would you care to spend 12 dollars on soap unless you know it was generously scented and lives up to its display of ingredients?
I don't know..

The oils I worked on today were..
mainly old whore and she loves fun

After that I cleaned again with rosemary basil and peppermint. I went through the whole house as if to say, "welcome home again. Each stroke of my damp cloth over the corners and the crevices of the base of my home is to intend the riches I require and easily all good comes to me"
I still inhale its wonderfully awake aroma. The sun is shining and the birds are singing..
It wont be long now.

I bet you the bears are waking up!

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