Friday, March 27, 2015

I get to cut a tree

I don't, the tree cutters will.

The tree guy gets so excited to show his fine work.
I have a tree which hangs over my house. One bad storm and we're through.
I will have plenty of mulch. In that area will go the birch trees and near by linden. They are all still babies and take years and years to settle in. I love birch trees. They grow fast and are super pretty and do not get too big.

I meant to make a cream today. I still might. that means cleaning all the areas and making. I have marula, rose hip, camellia and organic jojoba and organic coconut oil and shea butter.
I am thinking a facial cleansing cold cream with bees wax again.
I wash with butters all the time. Shea butter concoctions are great to remove make up on the face and around eyes.
What is best, is after a hot shower, you just get a whole little dip in there and slather it on your you can dry off the rest of you and tie your hair back and pat dry your face.
Nice one, right?

I like oil on top of that in winter...rose a little vanilla mixed in there.

I am telling you this because I want to talk about the woman with the lips who came in.
She always comes all glammed up in a suit in some garish color with "good morning today" hair, and she is always returning skin care she bought years ago! lol
I see her and breath in deeply bracing myself  for an always too  long interlude with her..
So, yesterday, she wants to buy a very pricey serum with 17% vitamin c..
"what is your guarantee on this?'
Does she think I just fell off the turnip truck or is she dumb and forgets how many times she lied today? I don't know..I had already thought this in the time she was babbling on about she does this for her self..
I don't hate is just exhausting to deal with gypsies, tramps and thieves..
"we do not guarantee  manufactures products." I looked her in the face.
The brand itself stands very well in fancy skin care lines and she should know that and learn something instead of wasting money on fat fillers and then desperately returning things for the extra 20 bucks.
So she is looking at me and always asks what I use. I explain and explain and she must doze off or something.
"oh yes, you like the oils" "How old are you?"
I told her.
"oh, your skin, what do you use?"
"I just told you lady" I thought to myself! Also, I thought, "wow, you suck!"
I is better than a bunch of acid on your skin. Unless of course it is fatty acids like omegas and so many others to name..and I know you stopped listening at mid sentence..I thought this as she decided not to buy the thing.
You might say I missed a sale. Not really..she would have emptied that thing and brought it back.
I want you to want me..not play with my if, first off and second, ewe..the lips, they scare me.
Purple violet plum liner over ginormous upper lip ratio to the ginormous lower lip..quit, just quit.


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