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historocity tid bits

everything is good

People ask and you say to them, "I am fine"

Being blond though? I don't know.
It is looked at as more attractive?  I am seeing a lot of blond. I feel like it is a trend. I am dark haired.
I do not think, being blond is the only thing. That is what I love about the Tinkerbell cartoons, all the little fairies are happy being who they are and are told about their boundaries first off.
We all should just be nice and kind...

 I just finished this awesome course on line about the first 400 hundred years after Jesus. I learned so much about ancient texts and who wrote what and when that it blows my mind how we have evolved from that beginning. I see it in the way my dad raised me. The Orthodox Greeks and all that.
A little while after Jesus, Paul..he had this experience in the desert about his actions..he was a Jew working for Rome at that time. and he was actually a part of a stoning of a man and one of the first goodness, right??
So he breaks down after that and starts over..his life, I mean..yea, you just killed a good guy dummy.." His name was Stephen of something..
Mostly it was Paul who went around and started churches of people in each town and he would educate them on the story and what the rules were.
Man was he pissed the Corinthians for partying  instead of doing good!
He wrote them letters..
In the early times there was talk about human sacrifice because of the ritual  of "take my body" "drink my blood"
They cleared the air and told everyone that it was all symbolic and not to worry.
It seems like a sacrifice to me.
I get it..but this feeling of getting outside your body can be reached by other means now in modern times yet on earth we all still fight over our gods.

Pagans wanted to worship everything. If you were a pagan from the south side of town, it was fine..The North side too, they did not care .
They sacrificed animals to their god and then ate  in thankfulness. At around the year 200 (hundred), the new Christians were saying things all the time like, "no,  were not going to sacrifice animals to your god and emperor,
"we' ll die"
And then  a bunch of people died for not wanting to pay homage to the kings demands.."No we cannot, it has to be  in this one way, only!"  Everyone cried.
One girl even left behind her toddler to die in front a bunch of people.
It was awful because her pagan father begged her to please reconsider and come home, she is like , "No daddy, I gotta die for him"
So they killed her, the end..

I digress..she was one of many..the mobs of people would get together all the time and go after them. It was awful. They had to have secret meetings where they would worship in secret groups.
In one thousand years, pagans would  have secret meetings due to the mob being way bigger now and changed so much..hummmm

The first Christians were Jews because they already followed the Jewish laws.
Then, as groups of people became Christian the rules started changing when the idea of circumcision came up..
some towns were like, "no, dude, we do not cut our babies for god"
Paul is like.."Okay, you do not have to as long as we follow these, rules, "God is a sprite and he made Jesus they are the same."
"be good to your slaves and be kind to your women. They should, of course, remain quiet in church with their head covered..."

By this time the Christians developed an exclusivity to heaven and soon after there some appeared documents  saying questions like," why did you kill our lord?" to the Jews.

*it was a really bad one, this letter a certain cleric wrote..before that, there was no story ever mentioned regarding whose fault a human sacrifice just was.

So by the time Constantine came in to the picture..there had grouped together, a religion all on its own. Having taken (over) and revised Jewish Texts to form the orthodox (right way) doctrines..
Rome fell due to lead poisoning and the rest continues today....

My next course will be on Constantine who was said to not even become a christian until he died..
wow..he is considered a saint in the Greek historicity.

We will see about that, I will say!

speaking of paying homage to some one I think about and you appear to me in a telepathic vision of loveliness and grace...

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