Wednesday, January 1, 2014

intentions for the new year, the new moon is here and i am here well and happy

I see people get sad at the end of the year, but the beginning is happy, glad and looking towards a better year, one which we will do our best and stay calm about the rest!
With this new moon in Capricorn conjunct the sun, conjunct the mercury and venus, squaring mars all of them and activated by uranus in aries..
It is all fine, all of it, and nothing to panic over. We have had one hell of a doozy of a year!
The things we found out about ourselves, have been enlightening and the time we couldn't totally honest with a loved one and all hell broke loose, or the time we even convinced ourselves we were right when we were not..
Humans are wrong all the is your choice to forgive yourself and move on. You made mistakes and in that, a treasure comes!
what treasure?
Well there must have been something you loved and nurtured though the year..some beautiful  thing you made to present to the world and say, look, I poured my heart into could be saying that to your own mind, it could have been a thought which transformed you in secret even to yourself and then you all of a sudden, get a reminder, it makes you smile, almost smugly at first, but you are too smart for that old trick!
Humble and calm you are during hard times and passionate during other times when your kali roars and your mind's eye can  scope the truth and you are content at all times!

the new year brings amazing promise for all
The flavor is very sober
almost feels empty so raw and lonely it can feel at times..
the flavor is about loyalty
strong work ethic
ability to change
health issues
you must move and clean you house, your body, your bed, you pink parts too..
There should be sparkling light, impressions of frozen ice air cleansing you, teaching you and making you see, that you are a part of something bigger than any earthly thought can conceive..
think about your magic carpet of life
how big it is
how soft how lush
how you can roll on it
and the gold threads throughout
and the scent it has
and you
being carried through time
this time in particular being the most grand
the colors
dark reds
bold red
your kali flows
your shakti knows
your shiva chi strong
your higher mind
 powered by saraswati vibes, with song and
churning in constant re-mold

thank you my lords!

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