Thursday, December 18, 2014

and they say astrology doesn't work

and homeopathy is bunk..but when Mystic Medusa says Saturn is going to be in Sagittarius, I listen.
She is always right, so I think there is something to this stuff, this collective thought which makes our world do things.
I am a pagan..I believe we are all connected by a web of thinking a sponge thing that keeps feeding certain areas in space..holding everything together  and pulling it apart at the same time..I am a pagan..
Not because I want to do blood rituals and burn sage all the time. I am that because I want to feel the vibrations of the our little dot in space and make something of it. Thinking of it. Looking at it and allowing more and  more information, more awareness to fill me.
I can observe based on myth and mathematical principles some sort of pattern and reaction by us humans to this pattern.

I am telling you this because you all effected by it  too. We all are, some forget to pay attention and some pay too much..that is why they get so upset and kill a bunch of kids!
Where is the balance and why does Uranus have to be such a mercurial dick in disguise?

Everything broke last washing machine after I fixed the dryer, my printer is out of ink (just happened), and my dad fell and broke his head..
He is said to be fine so that is why I am telling you..not because  want sympathy. I do not like hospitals and yet I am amazed at the science based on trial and error..everything is a recipe..follow it with out panic and everything turns out fine..follow it with yelling and panic and you basically suck and people don't want to hang with you. I got lost and went in the wrong guys room and he had all these tubes in his mouth and I kind of freaked out inside about my dad never looking that old and broken before with tubes in his mouth and I got closer I realized it was another much older man..
the relief..I found my dad kind of propped up, asking what happened..oye! I was funny.

It made me a little behind what with the driving and the emotional drain..and family is not always the best company..except me..I am loved by all.
Funny thing about is always due to money and paying the piper. Humans are greedy..
our daily bread and all that..

we forget that we were not made for wealth, wealth was made for us..I want us all to be wealthy and how nice it is to spend all the money and not care..there is always more.

time to make some soap and clean up after that..

"hello" ;))

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