Tuesday, December 30, 2014

notes on leather and saturn in sagittarius

a fragrant memory

the idea of a warm hunk man walking in to our well lit by a wood fire warmed  hut, sounds really good right about now.
He would be wearing boots and thick wool trousers almost too tight for his big strong legs.;)
Right about then, we would come close and reach in to his pockets for treats. there are always treats. he knows what I like.
He smells of dirt and moss and warm man..hints of tobacco and animal mixed in..he is spicy like cloves and rich musk animal labdanum and jasmin maybe galbanum and birch..

leather should have a touch tobacco and patchouli
and violet and tonka and oakmoss and myrtle
that is how I would think of it
had I a memory
conjured or no..a feeling
invoked by my fantasy of how a  man scent goes on like a memory on a warm real man...

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