Friday, December 12, 2014

Holiday Orders starting now..

I am on a three to four day wait (voluntary) on shipping orders at this time and it is working. Starting next week all orders will go out with in 24 hours in order to accommodate the holiday purchases from Eleneetha's..

That is me but we are different from here (blog)and there (eleneetha's shop)which is where I have been spending mental and physical time at.

Thank you for your continual support of fine aromatics! It has been a stellar year in soap making..even my mistakes turned out really good. Have you tried that cracked lemon soap I made? It is so nice to smell that freshness for a nice hand wash.

There will be some very fine patchouli soap made because I just bought a pound of a very nice  12 year old smooth a velvet patchouli that will knock our socks off.
The jasmine soap I made recently is coming along as I knew it would with the green tea gently offering its perfume through all the flowers. I did a good job there because, all I could think of during was, love, love, love and truthful words, graceful stance in life and all the food and money and rivers and mountains  for all..who am a I a Sofia?
ha ha

You may have noticed  some price hikes..yes..
good oils cost know this and that is why there are never any always have mild priced soaps too. The Old Whore is very special and must be honored in this way..

Let's us talk about what you expect from me..
I am a crafter and an artist and if you  get a soap that is not like the first one you had, that is the way it is..I think the point is do not be attached to anything for too long and let go of expectations.
The oils do what they want and maybe give us what we need rather than what we expect..some vetivers make people happy some rose makes them a little sick..One time I put so much rose de mai in a cream, the poor girl..I hope she at least put it on her feet! :)
I do not control the oils..I navigate and offer them a range of acceptance with each other..sometimes it is magical like in the old whore..sometimes the wind will demand notice by taking my water...
I am an artist..
I am a momma and I am a fine ass woman, you should love!

Cheers to a wonderful new year of friendship and fun..loads of great joy!

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