Monday, December 8, 2014

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Is it war now? Do the police have more power than they need and should be able to apply? American's are getting pissed yo!
Can they just come and search your garage because the light is on and it is after dark?
It was a couple of years ago and I came right back from a quick errand, I had forgotten to shut the garrage door.. and they they were in my garrage.
"what are you doing guys:)"
"er were sorry maam, we just thought there may have been thieves in the area and.."
"you need your flashlights for that", I thought to myself...
"I was running a quick errand a mile away, it is cool!"

They said they were sorry and left and I got pissed.
How come they diddn't just knock on the door in the front?

I tell you it left me with a little bit like relief..dude! My garrage is filled with dirt and empty, there is the lawn mower..and bikes..what??

now they are being fillmed,... being police and we are all upset..oh man....

Get rid of it! Change it!
It is like robo cop..soon they will be drones and when they malfunction, we will  be pissed that there was a malfunction..
There is always a malfunction when you have a kill switch.
I do not see how people will less civilized if these broots were'nt there! The "police" force even the word is not right anymore..they, we, must change.
We must grow with the times. If we are truely free, they they cannot kill for no reason..omg! Now there is video..
It is like the roman empire is still here! Evolving with brute force!
( I realize that there are many reasons why they are agressive, violence, guns, drugs and more death each day in day must get to them)
**drones patrolling certain areas would keep people safe from kill switch..instead it would be a Gaba shot which imediantely renders one kind of happy and forgiving and every one is safe..the drone one was killed..this would make  people go about their buisness and not hurt anyone..
The farms would be as always on the outskirts of town..each little reageon supporting itself...

Now do you want to go to france with me and sing childrens songs??
See, I think it is because making bread and cheese takes most of your day and maybe makes you a little money and that is why you do not kill the personas who pay you!

Thick Face Black Heart
a must read for any artist entrepreneur
What I remember most about that book is that work and your soul happiness are linked together.

We are living among the oppressive military and paying them to do this? Are we nothing more than slaves then to their violent and sinister leadership?

If there were any reason for me to go back to the myths and what we've collectively discovered is Pluto power is upon us. I didn't really know how it would go down and manifest itself, but the Zap Zone as Mystic Medusa calls it,  is like a hurricane! I do know know why we react and why I know we are feeling it all happen,  as the planets do what they do but I can tell you right now, I know it is deep, real and poignant!

It is old structures failing, yet again because of laziness and submission of efforts to someone who will handle it for us..
 I do not know why there is crime and why it should bring misery but it does..drugs and alcohol and what ever else humans take to escape their real needs and wants, or what ever thing we need to release our fire.. the tower..freaking bad people crumbling down..
" I mean really guys, you can not go lying forever you know!"
Pluto is about facing who you are.
Every dirty need, and every real need..creeping in and changing you.
How much love do you have to give and what do you really get to hold?

I loves cute, I loves em'

I will teach my kids everything I learn and hear and say..we will discuss it and we will change our minds.

I will say, that yes, "I do  believe in a higher life force that entwines us all" and I will say that I do not know anything else. I  do not know about dark matter only that it seems to be a web that connects in cluster in a really big place compared to us and that an atom is sort of like that in its own dimensions..
and there are waves of particles that do things.

That web though..some say it is pure thought..some say it is composed of particles we do not yet know about. and if Pluto teaches us anything, way out there with his her might be to stand up and observe now..the results of what you've done so far. is your life filled with dirty secrets or are you radiant with light and freedom? Yes, but to  me this discovery with Pluto having is also about manipulations and sneaky things..sorry but that is what comes to mind when I realize about the Moons of Pluto ..imagine what sort of competitive Moon energy there..everyone fighting to get the  best magnetic spot!
a bundle of energy stored ....

For us, we want management that is on our side..we want intelligent money makers, and we want big farms to freaking go away and let real farmers grow things again! I would love to see that happen in our country. I would love to see clean parks with no thieves, near by cafes where people take a stroll after a long day and they have a custard somewhere with burned vanilla sugar on it..everything good is close by and we all stand behind one another.
How nice is that?
We all want that really. I loved that. when I lived n Costa Rica, I didn't even have a refrigerator for years. The fruit and veg shop was a block away and on the way you collect recently fallen come home with so much good food that you eat..the  beans taste good when all that is with them..I rarely love beans (Pluto food)) I will eat them but after five years of nothing but black beans, I just do not want to unless you fry me up a plantain and serve it with Costa Rican, creme' fraiche and a cabbage salad with cilantro and lemon.
:) and wi fi and good shoes and loads of cash to share!  ***
Still, the fresh way is best..just like a fresh start towards better living on earth..also stay home more the police are now a real danger..watching, lurking  behind corners at children or a child  playing in the park they built for them  to play in!

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