Tuesday, December 9, 2014

zap zone

After so many years of being an outsider which I  am and we talked  about the end of the line being just fine before..but after all this life basically of feeling like one..an outsider..it does hurt me just as much, I just do not have a bunch of time to spend thinking about just the one thing..I see you momma!
I never seem to get too carried away with myself..but I sure as heck fire can see others from way back here..ha!!
And in reality..all I can relate to is myself anyhow and how I see things..I look often. Sometimes I realize how I am not part of something I have seemingly yearned to be a part of..and no it is not a social group on some blog..I am talking about when I loose a real friend somehow, they just fuck up and don't care..they burn you a little. it takes a long time to figure out how your loyalty and open trust was broken like that?
People, that is how! lol

What am I talking about?
Myself of course..
the year of the horse..freaking trump off you bastard..messy ass freaking anarchist..ha ha ha...opps,...
time to look at what others are doing for a quick second and see what they are bitching about now?

Seems to me, the longer you sit there and I mean sit in from of CNN and NBC< FOX and Hulu to some degree..you are being fed information..continually. One side against the other..one head smiling to another crying..one saying "oh yea, slice him",  another crying..

Then again..dude, it is about time we all opened our eyes.and ask ourselves and not god, because he is just looking at us.. just observing...because he is willing to send secret boat and helicopter and not say why they came..he just wanted to see how smart you are..dumb ass!
sheesh..what a stupid metaphor that is..the guy on the house during the flood..That is when the proverbial Noah should have magically appeared and shouted, "hey, there, dumb ass, uh,  god sent me to get you because you need more directions that most people"
"Oh, that is cool, sheesh, I should have known about the helicopter for sure, but I was so busy telling him I love him that I wasn't paying attention"

zap zone
Mystic Medusa says things about it that make sense
My thing is to expect the  unexpected and be calm and patient..
Older folk and I am thinking over 70 and Aries men in general..lack of self control may lead you to say mean things and hurt people who actually care about you..your real friends, your son or daughter..just saying..I feel like that generation can go a certain  way..old angry men..manipulative old women..they are perhaps angry because the world isn't going their traditional way? I do not know..but we  will get old and I hope at least my generation teaches  their children to love each other and not fight and also to continue changing.
That must happen.
I feel like some of their generation cannot get it through their head about white flour. they equate that with wealth somehow.  But seriously, why spend all your well earned money on your bad health at this phase in life which is all realted to your bad diet which includes white flour? I everything..white bleached with all the bromides and calcium lime stone powder your body has to go through.

Our children know the difference. They do know. They want natural because they want health.
I become a little disturbed when they talk conventional school science to me..like our continual debate on GMO's..
I am always shocked a little about three major companies that run a good portion of the worlds food supply..
Monsanto Pioneer Seeds and Dow Chemical..
These big companies have guys that go back and forth from the government leadership chain and work together..
it is really scary in a way...and yet continually we fight over the major question, are GMO's safe? NO!!!
Without Pioneer Seeds, Monsanto and Dow Chemical? Maybe! In space on a big ship where you grow stuff in a big green house.. On Earth? These refined heavy metals in our water supply will one day not  be able to support life..
Biggest culprits
Dow chemical..round up, grass fertilizer, weed killers which make for more resistant plants to take over, and then more severe chemicals for that which all pour in to our water supply.
(** last time Uranus was in Aries is when the industrial revolution  was happening and these certain toxic chemicals were used to kill millions)
We have a complete new way to look at things but allow me to rant just one more second because these same leaders pass the stick to the next guy..and they spew lies about how we need to feed the world even though they throw away half of the stuff they grow..nonsense..if we need to feed the world so much than why aren't we?
(**because they have their own way of living there and you are dealing with their governments..I suppose, otherwise if we have too much corn we would drop it off in each village with a drone..no kill switch.. a nice one that delivers mail and things..just  go all over the place bringing good stuff..soap, tea, coffee and honey..:)that way none of our boys have to get killed , everyone on earth would relate to more happiness based on receiving and the military would be once again be based on knowledge and martial arts skills  and of course technical skills..) not just world domination..it is silly..no one can own a river or a mountain..the mountain owns you..

Money and billions of dollars I might add, will not be given up so easily by these big players just so we can save our water..just saying..things seem awfully skewed for me not to take notice of it.

Alvin Lee
Ten Years After

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