Friday, December 5, 2014


Cuties, they are!

Well put together

I'm going to burn one today to see if they  burn nicely after I added so many things here. Then I will sell a few very unique candles. I only have three of these cuties and I almost want keep all of them;)
I'm greedy for them.

There are more shapes coming and some sweet votives for my wee holiday special.
The candles and what I've done....
Let's begin on a platform of fragrance with frankincense resin melted in a little tiny bit olive oil.
Let's continue with pure beeswax and a dollop of scorpionic essential oils at full strength.

In that beautiful blend you'll get the marvelous balsamic undertones and you'll get the frankincense.

It is so pretty and smells nice, very nice.
You'll get incense and smooth satisfaction, that is my main desire this season.

I will have a wee special with a votive candle and soap to go with it and a lovely holiday balm.

Stand by for more news and brews!

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