Thursday, December 25, 2014

good day my lovies

I hope you are having a nice morning. I am the only one awake at the moment and kitty is having a blast playing with her new toys.
I gave them to her and told her to enjoy them. she knew they were for her.
The first thing she went for was the little cat nip toy..ha!
I know I would!
We'll go to my mom's and say, "merry christmas"..that is how some people like it. Santa is Jesus and Jesus is Santa and even though we took him from some northern myths, he is now Christian all day and that is it!
Who wants to fight them?
I just say it.
Happy nice but some are like, "oh, I am glad you didn't say, "happy holidays"!
"I know, how you like it", "Merry Christmas, Tom",  I told a guy who likes me and we can never go on a date because he thinks evolution and reincarnation is the same
ha ha ha
Look, I do not have time to debate on silly things..let us talk about something real I can chew on and I am there!
I want to chew on ideas and and melt some more dragon's blood!

I've  decided I need more oud for this blend I am working on. It'll be here tomorrow. This is the reason I have not put photos up yet. I swear man, I am craving something I cannot yet put my finger on what it is.
I know it is oud and frankincense and jasmine.
When I get like this, it is usually worth the 200 dollars I spend on one 10 bar soap block..that is why the 12.99 price, babies. maybe someone wants it that much, like me..I want this blend. So far, let me tell you, it is unique and very very good. There will be an oil too. There is enough for both a soap and an anointing red oil..oh, yea!

Why dragon's blood now?
Well I have been requested by quite a few to bring it back.
It can only be a sometimes potion blend...right now it is runny red and juicy thick.

I am blown out of soap and next year promises to be a chill year where I will learn more about managing my business on etsy. It is like when you get more and more people looking and buying, you must be ready for anything..
Have a wonderful restful day!


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