Saturday, December 27, 2014

neil de grass tyson

Did you see? He said some fun tid bits on twitter about Christmas and people got super mad and trolled him.

As if they need to defend god! See, even if it is the truth, humans are geared towards anger over the facts. Nope, Santa was so too Christian, he was! Oye! Just be nice! Why the name calling? What are you a 12 year old girl?
Wait, Isac Newton was born on the 25th!
Really! Jesus was not actually born during snow times..think King James and you will get a new picture of Jesus..The Romans killed him and for years killed his followers and then when they became his followers they killed those who wouldn't stop practicing  their yearly rituals, so they changed things and made it easy for everyone..later they blamed it on the Jews..Judas took money to turn Jesus in..maybe he did...and if James was a Canaanite (of course he was)) then he was also a Jew..

I wonder now why we have to humor people's utter dependence on this very ancient form of sun worship to what it has become today? And it seems that the most violent ideas on religion are here in the US and The Middle East..but these ideas are everywhere. Look at  the violence through the years in Ireland?
Guns pointed at his head..
"Catholic or Protestant?"
"atheist, sir"
"Catholic atheist or Protestant atheist?"
Yes, it actually happened to a journalsit..

It made me wonder about things and why we are so ready to burn someone for having some fun? Is it because the air of fear is so strong we are willing to make new words like "blasphemy"?
They made that word about 600 years ago so they could use it against people who would not follow Rome which was the Pope..that is modern history...

About 5 thousand years ago this group of people we Sume call The Sumerians today, did not call themselves Sumerians, they would say they are from Uruk, or one of other  three main cities in that place by the big river which would flood every year and give life... there..out of that came the Egyptians and after 7 dynasties failed but made good use of slavery to build big monuments for themselves, they melted away in to I do not know what.
About 2 thousand years before Jesus, Abram came around..he was part of a moon worship cult in that region and he and Sar were renamed Abraham and Sarah ( his half sister by his father). He changed his name to Abraham after he made a choice to only worship one god and adding the new vibrational sound to his you have the the beginning was the word..Aum
next Ham
Not that  I am a scholar in Canaanite history...Seems to me that matras in Sanskrit do just that..use the vibrational sounds to change the brain's neurotransmitters..

Why can't we stand the truth about things, why, is my question? We should be able to question everything as a citizen of earth, right?
Apparently not..because someone is gonna cut your head off for Jesus and Christmas..or if you wrapped your hair or not..
Like I asked before, why?
He(Jesus) taught compassion and forgiveness and they would kill him again, I think. He must have had some powers of telepathy and peace. I have met gurus that made me feel funny just standing next to them..why else would  we seek so vehemently to become enlightened? We want grace and peace and safety. We want to have a  little safety in preparedness of the great unknown..The next moment is is the words that fill us, fill our mind, flooding it sometimes with chemicals that make us smile, laugh hard or cry our guts out..

En Light Tend

Good word there..
Tend to  your own light, use good words, release your burdens and your true test is to not fight people..fight with  god..fight the goddess and fight yourself and win.

"I shall have no fear because I do the right thing always.."
"I will not allow trolls to ruin my day"
"I shall always speak  with my heart's mind"
"I am grace and poise"

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