Saturday, December 6, 2014

the days ahead and my telepathy empathy and observations

This is no time to act foolishly and react to hurt feelings..
You will be calm, do what you want and always think things through and not spend all your house money on shoes or expensive creams.

I say this..if you work with low people, they will be removed. I wonder though about people..
Why are they so pissed, crying, rioting and generally unhappy? Even on line, you now have these mean trolls who say bad things about anyone they can find??

That is one reason I do not go to social groups. All the sweet sayings in the world will not help unhappiness like that..
But let us not dwell on that..
Uranus goes direct, full moon in gem..creeper truths come out..

One boy said, "why now?"
"why are all these women saying things now 30 years later?"
I say that, "even your question is a form of misogyny!"
Oh, because a bunch, not one, but a bunch of women are saying things about someone you thought was a good person and saintly, now we cannot accept this because these women may have been putas?
If they were putas, that is their choice. How does having drugged them to do what you want to them, ok?

There are so many subtle ways in which we justify our beliefs..raping young hot girls, killing a boy walking the streets, killing a young boy for playing in the park, burning beauty shops that did nothing to you because you are pissed and so on!

If we all take care of our own, we will not do bad things to makes sense..
I feel I am too busy making a living. How about you?

Maybe we should have a work shop on time management and all the great things you can do with your time.
You have to go to school or work in my house. Both for most of my kin.
There is a huge link between doing your work and being a happy human. Having nothing to do makes you think too much and anger slowly seeps in..especially if you are hundry or cold.
Who needs it!
 I say forgive them all and lets work towards something really nice. Like winter creams and scents to enrich us while we work.

My blend for today is simple
3 drops frankincense
1 drop patchouli
1 drop tangerine
quick palm rub and through my hair..

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