Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Oud and more

More oud than I could handle. maybe you too?  Nahh!
I put a whole bunch in this soap above. A whole bunch of frankincense too.  It is  peppery, rich, animal, fermentation... and I hope that you can handle it. It made me so high, I went to work like I didn't care about pretty much anyone. And in the best way I couldn't care...detachment and duty.
I have  things to do which I do quietly and I love everyone and will give them a chance until they start to drain my cup and then I must take time to get my orbit down right before I go fixing anyone Else's..
Am I a mystic? Only that I am super smart and continue to learn reality.
Oud brings me focus and attention to the big picture and how I might look at it.

Oud..I hope you like it..it is so heavy man! The dragon, is hiding, biding his time, taking in a breath from rose and patchouli and a drop tobacco. taking a breath from jasmine co2 and myrrh..wrapping himself in mysterious forces which bind and shatter illusions.
Confident and rare forces which make a stable platform for their future spinning.
Oud, making each thought count and not afraid to say it.
Oud is about no fear and acceptance..
Sagittarius, I suggest you get one. you are about to practice the art of change and transformation and finally, I hope babe, question your own mythology and perhaps change  your molds of how things should be and how things are. Have you forgotten yourself in all your doing for others?
What ever your deep changes may bring, I feel like oud brings strength..his practice during many years has been to quietly create a barrier of protection from parasites and zombies..microscopic zombies, but yes, feeders of his goodness..his fight is just as bitter sweet..animal, sex, balance and gracious decay..offering a remnant of something rare. Immune balance and protection are just a couple of ideas I wish  to invoke.

One of my very fine soapies asked if I would make a Pluto Potion spray. Not everyone wants frankincense on them all day!
I know, I know, it is inconceivable but true..:)

There is one more spray,(not shown)) and I will say, it might be my all around  go to..it is not shown here because I ran out of good printing paper for  labels.
I had fallen in love with a nice little soap I made last month (she loves fun)..with the vetiver and the geranium rose and the patchouli and oakmoss..it is so nice, the scent combo..I add a little petitgrain too..just a touch..

I love you..have a good one today and everyday.

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