Friday, December 26, 2014

when the moon

this is why I love mystic so much! She makes my heart race when she says things!

mystic medusa

Sagittarius, Sag rising and Gemini types will certainly learn and learn more in the next 4 years..let's say four, I say it is a little less but let's say four.

Capricorn is also in focus because Saturn rules Capricorn and also since Pluto is in Capricorn still squaring Uranus a couple more times until 2016. we have a whole bunch of planetary changes coming..

Aries, stay put, be kind and do not get so mad that you cut every one's head off and then you cry because they do not love you enough and then you give them candy and they do..

I love you enough with out the candy and when you are burning rage..yes, even then!
Now, you must simmer down and be quiet. Be silent..just for now, you will grow in this way..

Mystic Medusa has ideas about Sagittarius, and I can add in my experience with all this Saturn stuff..
(Saturn in Sag in the 12 house with Pluto there now for years and years)))

Yes, it gets lonely, I suppose. When you feel like outside the fray, the riga maroe, the bruha ha ha..
you hear only what you want to hear and ignore the loud rubble. Beisdes, all this stuff really just means you have to work harder because you know more and when you know more it hurts more and you make healthier choises next time.

Somber, service, skin and hair, for all of these things, saturn is there...cut that hair, sleek, clean flair..words that bind, meanings which one cannot hide..sacrifices of the deepest heart..take some fiber babies, so you do not fart...:)


Gemini, you are awesomer and awesomer! Wow, please do not let your bitterness get the best of you. It does nothing good.

No, this is not me being mystical. I do notice that Aquarius are starting to get wise about how many bridges they may have burned..more like dug out a chasm and never filled it, just walked away because you seem to focus/need freedom and independence and your money..making good life friendships may be just the thing to get you through some really good life growing experiences now and for the next three years.
Some, you go back to and hug and they will aways love you, like me, I will always love you, just not the same way as before.
**an Aquarius said to me..after he hurt my feeling so bad, I almost,  I didn't.
"hey, you remember that awesome cream you gave me as a gift with sandalwood and neroli,
I want one again, can I pay you?"
"I gave you one of those? You must be can't afford that, babe..sorry"
"why, I will pay you!" ))
"babe, you won't. it is $50.00.
"oh, no, that is too much"

Money is weird, yo..some people do not understand (generosity))about how things go because they have fear of poverty and giving is too much for them.

Scorpio, now? She will give you the shirt off of her back!

I love you enough and as we rush around the mountain, we'll pull back on the reins and control our vibrant life forces  to go where we want not where the road may lead as each road is fed by our thoughts and how we may  mold the way..I have planted seeds along mine..
I hope that you have too!

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