Tuesday, December 30, 2014

why am I picking on sagittarius?

I am not. It is Saturn, Father Time and all that. Saturn taking on forces beyond what you dreamed possible and saturn winning..that is you my sweetie!
You have to leave you past benind though. You have to move forward. You have to admit that you may have  been wrong and it still won't be enough for some. they die or walk away. They are done..I mean, you have to admit, you have had to face your own enemies in your own head. maybe face that and know they are not real. maybe face the fact that you already awesome and you do not have to proclaim it..people that have always loved you will and the rest will fade away and you will see that they were never your friend and never will be. They can't..

When you expect accolades from the wrong people, you will see..they love you today and tomorrow, you are set free..it is never enough for them you see..

you are a wild horse in many ways and yet you choose to be harnessed for the sake of a higher cause..
time tics and causes change..
time still ticks and your abilities evolve always more keen and clear
never in the mind's shadow...
be free of burdens is the key

check you teeth and you legs and your knees
cut off your hair in three years it will be better and healthier
cut it!

listen more
invoke your powers that be
your art, so serene
your mind so poised
you listen and speak wisely

check you inner hearts mind

What are you working for?
What are your motives?
Which things do you really love and are devoted to?
Does life serve you and your plan?

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