Friday, December 12, 2014

Bedtime story

A man called me:) heheee
I'm like, " oh yes, you're that married guy."
"Now why do you have to think of me like that?
"Because you're married, dear"

It's funny though, I seem to be drawing attention from earth signs like virgos.. Always with the Virgo boys! They are so sexy, yes!

"Can I come see you when you make soap?"
"No, not really, I need a lot of personal time when I do that"
"Can you see me tonight?"
...let's see now I got up at six and worked all day and you want me  to go have coffee alone with you at eleven?
"No, I cannot!

"Well I want to call on you and chat, philosophize with you some time"
"Thank you"

I have two questions.
Why are some Virgo men willing to cheat? Or is it all men?
Why a Libra woman?
Is it because That man feels excited getting to complain to a great listener about the wife? Ewe!
Ok that is three questions?
Wait, four..

Other random thoughts...

One of my friends,who is super smart thinks I should tone down the religious criticism. 
I don't know if I can. All I have are more questions! It is like Soilent Green is have yell it so everyone can know and choose.
And if zirconium exists  which it does, then we are as old as time and I love zombies in that danger lurks in dark places. Come to the light children.
And you're not allowed to get upset about my rants.
A long time ago I was turned on to meditation and it did change me. It helped me to train my mind to love my mind and to really dig in and explore every aspect. I hope that I inspire you even if it scares you:)
That is the best part sometimes.

Nice big hunks of neem soap with salt.

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