Wednesday, December 31, 2014

it is four in the morning

It is rare that I wake up this early..even for me that is just not right but it is so cold out there I can't sleep! What is it, a polar vortex? Last week it was in the 50's!
Ha ha ha
It is all frozen too. Like when everything just goes still. The bunnies are under a spot by the garage and I hope they are warm is all. I don't care if they eat my plants..they eat mostly clover which I put for them every year in a nice little spot. They do not eat all the plants in my garden. They love clover but will leave the calendulas alone
I worry about animals in winter.

This is a good time to engage in a little study time with what I want next in a scent..
The Old Whore is spot on..she's  a freeking master..
My latest Fougere blend is beautiful with the tonka and  the exquisite developments with lavender clary sage and patchouli..and a touch violet leaf..I can only say that who ever wears this, must smell so freeking good..warm, smokey, a little edgy..yum

Now, I want to be a little more gourmand for this month..I say gourmand because that word is so cool to say..gourmand..:)

Yesterday, I took the afternoon off to meditate and ponder on my plan. I want more tonka so of course patchouli..I will add the following oils to make this a smooth sweet winter brew for me and you if you want to.
Right then, I will add vanilla, sandalwood as my base notes and at the top, neroli and bergamot.
the bergamot does what it does because its acidity attracts patchouli and they evolve together. It is beautiful and very me.

Forgotten Memory
A leather blend Russian style..
Now for leather which also must happen..I will set this blend aside and wait a couple of weeks.
I will then take birch and dissolve that in vanilla co2 along with a heathy dollop labdanum and 3 drops of my oud dragon's blood blend. I will then mix this together with my classy brew above followed by one drop clove and one drop nutmeg and wait. It is good right then and there..however,  in a few weeks, the transformation will be astounding! It's animalistic notes melting in to a fine personal perfume. 

That is  the least I hope for. It is so exciting about oils. How they reach us and how we respond to them. I know that I am always just besotted by their awesome life changing powers.
It is true.
We invoke what we want to invoke..our mind is so strong and we can harness any vibe we want to.

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