Thursday, December 4, 2014

pluto potion and his friends

Far away and still forming where there is ice all around filled with certain minerals and dust where now still forming Pluto resides.
There may be more than 30 like him/her..
In Jungian psychology, Pluto is where dark secrets lie. You cannot hide from yourself yo, so do not even lie about that!
Ha! Pluto..there.
What Pluto in myth shows me in is that, Pluto is all the dark side of each of us.
To me though, there is some strong force type stuff that I feel we can channel, each time we feel a tug from Pluto, whether it be emotional or physical.
There may be issues of health for sure. there may be issue of hope and justice..also there may be creepier more stuff as in a certain celebrity who enjoys  drugging hot young women and raping them and now they all ganged together and told everyone..dude!! that is more mars in Capricorn but now I am mixed up ..I am not mixed up..
You must be going through a Pluto transit! lol
Pluto is in Capricorn
Mars is in Capricorn and the serpent goat transforms
The full moon in Gem..let all the good you've done shine for you..
and learn from  all the misunderstandings..

Here is my theory on astrology and myth in our lives..yes, we made these notions and yes, we feel a magnetic difference when our planets evolve and yes we are emotional creatures with violent tendencies..the mythology evolves with us..from Jung we have gone to Myers Briggs..the guy who made it all about types of personalities and how they intertwine with each tendency we portray and changes in climate and sunlight effect us.
It makes sense...What is the most interesting thing to us? Us! It is all about us.
"I love your flowers, miss"
"why thank you, they are organic"
"they are lovely, and the colors"
"yes, I spend four hours a day with my ladies and they reward me. Would you care to see more in the back of the gardens?"
"why yes, thank you"
*an idea from a Steinbeck  short story, The Chrysanthemums"

We want to be admired and loved whilst still looking pretty! lol

I love it!  That one can use words and face expression to attract exactly what they want.
Your mood is the thing that makes or breaks you.
Plutonian energy is not all nice. There is a tower involved..there are lies and cover ups..
These dark personalities and clerics who think they can hide in their rich tower are wrong..they always have been and always will be discovered and yet, they continue to try..

###life brings sadness, not every one is noble or they lives by rigid standards that can never make them happy enough, so they hurt people's feelings and then pay the price later..we all do..
they make something ugly with words of in gratitude and hate..
they may complain about the world being evil and leaving that world and so that they can stay up all night drinking beer while surfing the "deep" Internet for the "real" news..###

###Nearby there are  riots and hate and the police are killing and not protecting. They patrol in their cars see? What is this Logan's Run now??
Do you see what I mean though? It is not working. Somehow and I know it must be through education! Empowering mothers and women to be kind and smart and teach our kids they must stay in school and read books, learn math and stop walking the streets unless you want to go to a cafe and strol like they do in spain..they have a beer and eat a fried little fish or some noshy yummy thing..that is cool, see?!  This notion of supremacy based on the fact that you have a gun and now you can kill an 11 year old boy? WTF with all the hate? And if you even dare to enjoy Christmas after all that is for lack of a better word right now, goodness!
I find that there is link between one's religion and this notion of supremacy. that somehow you are exalted because you have been forgiven..God is always there to forgive you so you can cheat now and again and tell him and he will say, "thank you for telling me but I knew it all along, I just wanted to see how much of a jerk you are.."
Sorry to tell you my sweeties, my dumplings. It does not work like that..sooner or later you must pay the price or recieve all the glory from  the law of attraction.."

###other little tid bits with this pluto cappy flow..

looking backnow  and seeing what needs fixed
being free from judgement
working  hard
listening to good stories
making a sacrifice
serving someone other than yourself
saying thank you each time
being patient
being allert
saying "I am so sorry"

##then again, words are like swords..not this time though..this time words may  have felt  like a a blunt thud against your heart area..having rissen from gut instinct at the solar plexus..

I feel like love is like that much that it burns too brighty in your heart and that radiates to your solar plexus and makes you feel things..


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