Sunday, December 7, 2014

Jasmine Green Tea with violet and amber notes

For sure that sounds really good to me. I took a bunch of notes for jasmine because even though many do not love jasmine, they should need it!
Jasmine is all about grace and poise and maybe we all made that an idea or  notion as an aromatic collective, I know that it works like arnica works.
Don't be narrow minded, arnica does work!
You are the one talking about particles and now you are saying these ones don't count??
I am right about arnica and I am right about jasmine..that was my point..

I think though what I want more again and again is tobacco with vanilla, labdanum, corriander and bergamot..I want both..
oils for the tobacco blend will go my way  and maybe what I add in secret as to keep you interested..that is jasmine too, by the way..
No jasmine with the tobacco right?
I wonder how it would work to use the concrete grandifolium I have in the cabinet?
Jasmine amber soap with tobacco? The final results will say what they say to us!

here are my notes so far......

**tobacco vanilla blend for soap and perfume oil

blond tobacco
vanilla co2
set for a few hours in warm water

add cedar
rose geranium

Wait a few days and then weeks..soft incense, tobacco and vanilla settling on your musky skin...
Yes please!

Next idea...
**Jasmine Green Tea  Soap

An excellent idea, excellent scent for a dark rainy night near a woodland in a warm cabin, where the road you took was filled with beautiful tall trees gently guiding you to you serene little place..
You walk in and it is warm, there is already fire and you sit down for a nice cup of tea. You reminisce about your day, your life and how you must always remember how we are connected by an invisible mesh of material that holds us all ponder on all these wondrous things in your life and then you  smile because you are already comfortable with yourself and there is no need to fret about anything..

Please have one..soon...:)

beginning with,  jasmine grandifolium concrete, heaps of it..
green tea absolute
petitgrain lemon
violet absolute

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