Saturday, December 6, 2014


In the Art Of War, "sher" has been studied over  Melania.

"Sher", is a whole heap of energy ready to be used to win. Do we want to evolve as experts in war?
I mean it seems that the art of war is more than just battle..these concepts can be applied to business and money management and to our every day life.
In the art of war, weather and health play a big role in success factors..
In life, we tend to get complacent and the lash out when things haven't gone our way.
"Sher" is when you have a whole heap of stored energy ready to be used at your command..for the good or for the bad..well it depends on how much education you've had and how much testosterone you have now and of course,  how strong your will or life force is..chi..
I love sher..
I want sher..
Is it like Kundalini? Sher?
I think Kali in that particular mythology would be more like "Sher" in the warring sense..enlightenment in the elevated sense.

It is about changing with the times and not allowing yourself to get stuck and then angry at others for saying words that may upset you.
Nothing is real and everything depends on your time and timing.
Are you the type who loves or hates..take notice because your face will show it..

I only speak of "sher" because it is the theme I would like to inspire in my work and presentations to you.
In this candle which I have named "Sher" there is a lovely unfoldment of scent as she burns. her flame strong and gentle at the same time..
Her balsamic, resinous, soft honey tones gently arranging, entwining and supporting themselves as she burns and she is glad..

****I hope that all your stored energy is supported by your calm clear mind and that you never burn a candle this close to was just for the picture and then back the candle goes to its safe spot.

I love you! Have a good day! Build your "sher" and we will say more things tomorrow:)

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