Wednesday, December 10, 2014

new fougere for the person who loves good oils made of greens and ivy and moss

I make fougere soap because it is so different from anything else I make. The oils are odd and  the oakmossy blend has a calming endearing effect on my mood..
I use a revised method with the base blend..
clary sage
tonka bean..
This base formula can be transformed in to many new scents also a kin to the forest and how glorious it smells.
When you wake up in the mountain cabin in the woods, you  get to see all the  clouds go right by you and as each moment rises with the heat of our star, you get the scent coming out of the denser parts of the woods. Pine, leaves, moss and fern and in spring  and dry down in fall. Certain trees flower in spring  so you get sweet fall you get moss, fern...
Ferns mixed with earthy, wet, mossy green, grassy sweet chlorophyll and tonka's cumarin brings something rare to a fine oak moss perfume.
A little smoke scent from distant  a wood fire, most likely hickory or some long burning hard wood..this adds something else to the air.
In the mountains there is a cabin. It is built well with surrounding woods. There is a perfect road you've carved to make it easy for yourself to come often.
You've carved it with glorious patience and skill..always alert and fancy you are!
It is your secret place. No body comes a knocking this high up on a Wednesday!
You pass the trees which guard your path and they arch over you..there are yellow flowers near by..maybe buttercups or arnica..some wild thing you can't really eat.
You pass now  under thick wisteria hanging over large stones fences and a patch of small gnarly trees you've been trimming and talking to  now and again. There are wild roses surrounding your little nook so that no one can enter that way..there is  only one entrance and you must pass all the phases to its  final approach..the soft mellow pines, the sweet rich dirt freeing particles in to the atmosphere, the oaks towering over you and the oh so tiny. so patient and grounding oakmoss at the oak's base and this lichen with its sweet, sharp almost sweet tones..mmm wild roses and ferns now mixing with a gentle tobacco and davana..
As you marvel at your perfect  small path way, you almost glide in to the entry of your warm cabin. there is a warm bed piled with blankets and there is a fire place in the is big, round and you built your cabin around that. you light that fire. It crackles and warms the place in minutes. You put a kettle on  and you ruminate on your awesome way of doing things. Earl Gray Tea  and a rumination:)

with tobacco and davana

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