Wednesday, December 3, 2014

the soap and what is really good and what is super ugly in looks

Do I feel guilty if one of my soap bars isn't what I wanted?
Yes! But it is soap! I will make more! The lemon cracked all over the place and the cinnamon is too hard..and as we all know and love the notion of "hard", I like a little softness in my soap.

I have included an extra bar to make up for the lemon in every ones package. I love the lemon soap in the hand wash area. It smells really nice..I think we are all ok.:)

Forget about it and allow me to present you with the three ladies!

I made one of the best old whore soaps!
Oh my!
The sauce, the syrup, the glorious vetiver rising on wafts of sweet velvety patchouli, labdanum, and oakmoss..that is the old whore There are jasmines and neroli and a rose or two..that is what the old whore is..she lingers on your mind, she makes you juicy and warm minded. She opens doors..
she brings confidence and condenses your good into a magnetic force to be reckoned with..
she is stunning here...

I will cut her today. I made sure there was enough dark goodness to swivel on top.
vetiver rising..your heart pounding with excitement
the smell you weave from within attracting forces.
Some confined to a dark corner of your mind where now you can pluck from that memory, what you want to and let the results of your efforts be rewarded with steadfast overflowing heart...full... honesty. 
"I am noble above all things"..says the old whore..

Now I must tell you a secret..I love the old whore with a little geranium oil. My friend Tonie showed me that in one of her vetiver blends and it is beautiful.
I made one block with geranium and I made a smaller one with geranium and rose co distilled with rose now you get the vetiver rising on a carpet of pure harmonious goodness.
I think it is my best soap this year..please enjoy one just the way you like it or with geranium..and all the vetiver and patchouli we love!
 And here, below, with a little extra geranium rose.

By the time I got to the last smaller girl, I was not able to glide across the soap mixture as easily. I will cut these smaller and make them and intense three dollar little nuggets and, and I have to tell you that...thank you..and..I love you!

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