Sunday, December 21, 2014

Good Tidings From Michigan

Hello, it's has been a while. I have been busy making soap and reading up on some important stuff and listening to a course on particle day is so gratifying I do not have time for dramas and  emotional indulgences..instead I focus on soap and how I can make it better.

Never mind the salt soap, if you expect pretty soap in those, you must freak out when you open a new bar. they are salty for a reason not just looks.  The cuts are rough! I have to add a whole lot if I am to satisfy its functionality..that is salt soap this (above) is clove! 

Clove is so nice for us in winter. It has a slight pain relieving effect because of its molecular structure..and fatty acid composition. I mixed it here with a few drops ylang ylang extra and what rose I had in the shop. I had wee  drops of all kinds. It is beautiful and one of my best soaps ever.

The soap base is awesome here too. Dr Bronners organic cold pressed whole coconut oil and organic cold pressed olive oil. 
What could be better in a soap bar than shea butter? Well, if you ask me everything else..but we must maintain some control over our I simply added shea butter here..lots of smells heavenly and I only have three left because the locals are getting seduced by good fats and  real botanical ingredients.

(my store has a sale on Bronner's..otherwise I get coconut oil at Costco..I love Bronners coconut oi!     It smells rich and sweet, like you!))

I want to thank my wonderful customers everywhere, you allow me the opportunity to serve you beautiful skin care and soap and I will spend all that money on is what it is for!

Happy Happy New Year! Saturn in Sagittarius, Pluto in Capricorn making everyone get real and next, The Year of The Sheep..let the horse go, he needs some freedom to roam and say what he wants to'll get one or two who can speak for the whole group..
Lets us make a cosmic group where we care for each other and get rid of police state governments and religious tyranny because all people know the idea that you make your  life good or bad based on each thought and action.....lets us all rejoice in the heavens because they a bigger and we are smaller than we even knew..lets us all love the earth and make good decisions based on common health and well being for all citizens..they pay taxes and they should marry and do what ever makes their life healthy and wise..

I love you 
thank you
I am sorry about my miss ships
I will always fix things 
I am not sorry for speaking my mind, someone has to say the is my Sagittarius rising!
he he 


  1. Thank you for providing us with the best soaps on the planet. You make the world a better place.

  2. I love your soap and your potions , and lotions and your candles . And I look forward to.your blogs . And I love Daryl hee hee !! love and peace to you this season and always 💜 Thank you for being a wonderful creator of good skin care