Friday, January 10, 2014

new this week from my shop

I am working with some nice oils right now.
White rose otto, organic Bulgaria
gorgeous vetiver and resinous distilled frankincense oils..
It is going to be a wonderful rich  year with much to be done.
I have made some amazing soap this week as well..
Neptune Rising is simply a must have! Trust me, it is glorious..I mean if you like oakmoss with spike lavender..which I do!
Also, geranium absolute with patchouli soap..just lingers, smells fresh and keeps you calm and radiant!

Speaking of Radiant Pao Laos..please enjoy some other treats, I may have conjured up..
The Thieves Blend Room Spray is back and now I'll make some super fine, super sexy and super healing white rose cream.
I think, I can hardly wait to put that on me and I hope you'll see it that way too.

 This is called, Resinous Pao Lao:)
Below, The exquisite brown nugget of goodness, Vetiver Nutmeg Soap..yumm!
This last one doesn't look like much, it is brown and a little plain on the outside..It smells so good!!
Bergamot and vetiver with ginger and cardamom and nutmeg and lime with vanilla?
All true!
 I love you and I love my life in soap!
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