Sunday, January 12, 2014

I have been reading about jasmine all day

Jasmine, so rare! You know, they cannot distill jasmine flowers, only through solvent extraction can it be obtained. There are a few jasmine oils out there right now, that have blown me away..the sambac from eden is lovely and of course white lotus has everything that is good, I love his pines and firs! I am also going to make a big purchase of patchouli next month from sunrose because I would say hers is about 15 years old right about now!
We are talking patchouli of which one would like to keep for a long time! I can't. I use all the patchouli and all the fruit and all the rose.
Nature's gift seems to have the most inviting jasmine offering. Now here is a woman who loves oils!
She just does. She loves all the oils but some, you know, some, she really loves!
There are many recipes with jasmine oil. One combines a few drops spearmint, I won't..
I have decided simple is best.
I will take the jasmine grandifolium concrete that I have and let me tell you, I have a whole lot, and I will blend that with frankincense and that is all.  I  will highlight my jasmine soap with jasmine sambac as well. 
Now lets talk about the jasmine and what it brings to us in its super tiny little rays of scent...

Jasmine is about the heart.."hearts fortune" jasmine brings love, dreams, luck, sensuality, moon magic, passion, money, success!
As Rose is the queen of flowers, jasmine is the king, some say..
No...think about it. jasmine is the second chakra which is another queen..the queen of cups but not a king..
this is queen wears a white crystal gown and she is generating, churning ideas and she is the creator..that is the second chakra to me anyhow..
Where rose is the heart, jasmine is the hidden secret in womanhood. the dark and sparkly magic which resides deeply inside of too! No one is being left out! 
 It is said of jasmine that she helps to diminish fear and encourages self confidence..
I have decided to make my dark jasmine with charcoal, activated, because it is awesome on your skin and sometimes you just want to wash your face with soap.

Black Jasmine Soap
jasmine grandifolium concrete
jasmine sambac
activated charcoal
mix well with your favorite soap base or wait until  I cut the one I made:)

alphonse mucha

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