Wednesday, January 29, 2014

transendental uranus ruler of aquarius moon all new and in the moment

Sometimes, you get up and know what you  are doing, what is next..ok, the dishes, the girls, the boys, the boy, the inventory at work did I say dishes?
I get home and there are dishes..even when I am here, I  could be standing there all day just washing cups..good thing I don't have a job like that, hand in water all day here and then all day there..there are mommas who do that..
you know, men and women at work come to me all the time with their hands all red and cracked from the detergents businesses use to  clean up. I give them a sweet balm we have with beeswax and olive oil..It always works. Everyone thinks I am a genius with this is genius and it isn't is the mira cure..og olive oil, og bees wax, og nothing water no glycerin..none of it..just you and your lovely skin being fed something elegantly soothing.
Here is the thing..
Your hands are not supposed to be in gloves all day.
A better reason not to eat carry have 1000 people go through per day touching your food and even when just one workers forgets forgets the  gloves to go get a box in the back room. Suddenly it is everywhere..his cooties:)sorry dude but just don't touch me..

A person, dehydrated from winter and not drinking water is really cheating themselves. And if we are going to take what is best from Uranus in Aries, it would be/is,  taking charge of ourselves and being proud of who we are.
And although this may feel as a somber and 'reality" based full moon, it is also about you eating well, thinking outside the box, outside of religious dogma and inside a huge ass doorway to a greater  and more profound universe.
You will find that you simply do not have to control every detail except your own details! You may have  forgotten some things. Like how amazing you are inside and out.. but that does not mean you are willing to bow down and be a slave to someone..bow down because you love and respect them and not out of fear..bow down to your loving friends, your mom, your dad and you sweet warm it from your heart not because it is the rules..

I have said the  word "militant" here a few times regarding Uranus in Aries.. and I must say the book  with Mussolini has taken me to a strange world. The clergy living in fear and the one priest begging god to give him a few more days so he could publicly denounce the duce, but  god didn't listen and he died old and broken, trying to save a dying pagan religion..he was smart enough to make copies of his speech but Mussolini got his conies to go in there and take all his papers..I guess some sneaky priest tucked one away..Mussolini had threatened the pope with dreadful information that would ruin the church if they didn't support him. Some think it may have been the thing they are going through now. having sex with young boys..Do all religions make men pervs? Hey man, if you are sneaking around at night for your pens, you are probably doing wrong..and ladies too..your body fluids are sacred to you and yours..same like the food you eat.
To the clergy.. somehow, this,  became okay.. normal.. for the roman catholic priests to continue in secret..I am not sure why people then,  they allowed this old decrepit guy to rule over them, (the pope) on the one hand and on the other, allow some short fat guy to tell them how they can greet their more hand shakes, from now one you'll greet each other with a Roman salute in the air..
Excuse me mr, but how can normal and secret go together? They don't that is how!
What would you do? 
What if the guy had a big gun with a bayonet and he came to your door? Would you hail him high then?
My people hid in the mountains until the soldiers passed through the village..some died brutal deaths. Most eventually took boats to New York and then here in Detroit, where Greeks have huge comunities. Italians too..who wants to live with a bunch of jerks with guns? "Let's go make money in Michigan!"
My great grandfather opend that door for my parents and me to come here. he took a boat and arived in 1920's and  later, through the years, he brought his son and his wife and my grandmother, my mom and then us..
It was a begining!  Uranus was about to enter Aries! There has been a pathway laid out since then and now we are at a higher octave of that same trajectory..

The Sun is shining and it is wonderous what a difference it makes inside my home...outside, 1 degrees:)
in here..
black beans
soft rugs
soft caring friends
electrified knowledge
electric powerful attractions

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