Saturday, January 18, 2014

the big magnet

The mauder minimum was a period of time between 1645 and 1715 when our sun had very little activity in sun  spots  (from 9 to 0 during that period) made for colder winters. like a mini ice age..
In 1670, there were zero sun spots.
That year, they basically kicked jews out of their countries in europe, the pope ruled everything and everyone (or so he thought) and there were kings, and five years before, the great plague had killed 75 thousand people in London alone!

It was  discovered that a flamable gas forms when you mix it with some metals and acid,( hydrogen) and  that sugar in the urine leads to diabetes!
When it is really cold, our bodies hold sugar and reduce water in order to hold the sugars.
There is more..

It is going back to 12 degrees here soon around here, which is why I mentioned it...and that was then and this is now..drink more water and  stay warm.

again with the 7
it is a nice number, but you still have to I added more numbers.. 01/18/2014
Eights are cool!

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