Friday, January 10, 2014

sun moon mercury venus in capricorn

and Venus is retrograde in  Capricorn..
No wonder we are all taking things so personally. It is  like a planet full of hurt feelings!
Hurt feelings or no, we must carry on and do our best.
And, do our best we will. We are strong women who know what it takes. This is the best time to get cleaned up and fit for life, not just some bull crap about belly fat.
I  love exercise and always have and at my job, there are up and down, up and down...of course I look amazing..yes my eye lashes are still blond from some sort of mutation of past race blended into me as a who I am now. And they reincarnation isn't real!
Real it is when you can trace your DNA  thousands of years back!
Now we know that we have collected cells our grandparents would have made..cells of stress, happiness, loyalty and for sure loss due to man's war like nature..women having to suffer loosing their babies to some ass jerk with a weapon!

They call epiphany.. a holy day in Greece and some other orthodox type religions..
In Greece young boys have to dive to retrieve a cross the priest throws in the deep part of the river..who gets it, is sure to have the best year ever!
I think all 13 of them boys should get the blessing for just diving in to freezing water! But no, just the one..
I was always scared for those boys, plus it is still cold out there in Greece this time of year..
epiphany,  to understand something with striking realization..
Like, OMG!

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